How to File A New Request?

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1. Citizen accesses portal via

2. Citizen user can either:

  • Sign In to share concern or
  • Click on New Request to share concern directly without Sign In

file a new request 8

1.    Basic Information:

  • Citizen user need to select the Help Topic from the drop down lis

2.    Contact Information:

  • Citizen user need to fill details for contact information including Full Name, National ID Number and Contact Number.

3.    Support Request:

  • Citizen user need to provide a Subject for the request  
  • Citizen user gives description of the request
  • Citizen user can upload documents, videos, files with request

3. Support Request: 

  • Citizen user can select institutions contacted previously
  • Citizen user must select the Nearest CAB 
  • Citizen user must agree on Terms and Conditions
  • Citizen user must enter the CAPTCH Text before Creating Ticket

file a new request 10

1. Submission Confirmation:

  • Citizen user will be provided with a unique reference number once Citizen has created a ticket (request has been filed)
  • An acknowledgement email will be sent to the Citizen user 

file a new request11

New Request

new request

Submit your request to the Citizen Support Unit.


Request Status

request status

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your request